Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets Gifts

Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets Gifts

These kitchen gifts are sure to delight any aspiring at home chef or add a touch of whimsy to the grueling cooking process!

Pig Measuring Cup Set

1. Pig Measuring Cup Set

For your go-to house recipes, a set of measuring cups so cute you’ll keep them right on the counter even when you’re not cooking. Glazed piggy cups have adorably sculpted ears, snouts and feet; accurate measurements mean your from-scratch specialties turn out perfectly. Hand wash. Ceramic. Imported. Stackable set of four: ¼, ½ and full cup.


2. Mozart And Beethoven Kitchen Timers

Serenade the end of a precise cooking process with masterworks from Mozart or Beethoven, automatically playing when the timer ends. A hilarious add to a music-lover’s kitchen; sturdy wipe-clean plastic busts are 5¼”H. Mozart plays Rondo Alla Turca; Beethoven plays “Fur Elise”.


3. Sassy Oven Mitts

Got an appetite for a little naughty language and a lot of attitude? Get spicy with these hilarious oven mitts, perfect as a hostess gift or for enjoying in the comfort of your own gol-dang kitchen. Extra-insulated screenprinted cotton mitts are machine washable. Imported. 12½”.


4. Hippo Colander

Hippos can hold their breath for up to 5 minutes- which might come in handy as you’re washing your grapes or draining your pasta in this quirky colander. Featuring a friendly hippo head and four chunky legs to help stay upright while straining, the sturdy dishwasher-safe Colander is a delightful touch holding your fruit on the counter or snacks by the front door. Plastic. 9½”d ia. x 4¾” H.

Stoneware Whale Shaped Ceramic Egg Separator

5. Stoneware Whale Shaped Ceramic Egg Separator

Separate your eggs with this fun, whale-shaped separator. The lip is just right for catching the yolk and letting the white drip out into a bowl. Made of painted stoneware. Measures 4″ high. Base is 3″ long by 2 1/8″ wide.

6. Nessie Pot Strainer

EXCLUSIVE! The Loch Ness monster has emerged from her watery depths in the most helpful of ways: as a super-convenient strainer for your noodles and pasta. Slender design fits right into your utensil drawer, or display her fluid shape with your fave kitchen tools. Dishwasher-safe plastic. 13¼”L.


Nessie The Loch Ness Monster Pasta Strainer

7. Grilled Cheese Sandwich Maker – Electric Toaster

The melty, gooey goodness of a grilled cheese sandwich can be yours in just minutes! Create your favorite cheese sandwich, place the sandwich in the grill cage, toast & enjoy! Removable grill cages for easy clean up. Plastic, metal, electric. 10½” x 9½ x 7½”


8. Penguin Automatic Tea Steeper and Kitchen Timer – 8″ High

An absolute lifesaver-or at least, tea saver. Devoted steepers know that timing is everything for the perfect cuppa; this penguin holds a teabag in the hot water for an exact number of minutes before lifting it out, preventing bitter over-steeped flavors. Doubles as a kitchen timer up to 20 min. Plastic. 8″.


Singing Chef Pasta Timer

9. Singing Chef Pasta Timer

Meet Al Dente! The Singing Pasta Timer plays a melody to let you know when your pasta is ‘al dente’ ! At 215° (boiling) 2 beeps as timer starts. After 8 minutes melody plays (looping). After 10 minutes melody stops, then beeps 3 times. Rinsing in cold water resets timer and stops the melody. High Temperature polycarbonate plastic. Requires 2 LR44 batteries (included).


10. Collapsible Folding Dragon Shaped Bamboo Fruit Bowl

A wonder of woodworking, this folding basket features a handle shaped like a ferocious dragon; lift it, and a cutout swirl transforms into a deep bowl to hold counter top fruit or household clutter. A must give for fans of fantasy storytelling; precision-crafted in Eco-friendly bamboo. 10 1/2″ x 12″ closed; 10 1/2″ W x 12 1/2″H x 9″ D open.


Collapsible Folding Dragon Shaped Bamboo Fruit Bowl

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