Top 10 Holiday Host or Hostess Gifts

Next time you’re invited over to someone’s house don’t get caught scrambling to find something or just giving the same old boring candle! Bring one of these 10 amazing host or hostess gifts they’ll be sure to cherish!

1. Sassy Oven Mitts

Got an appetite for a little naughty language and a lot of attitude? Get spicy with these hilarious oven mitts, perfect as a hostess gift or for enjoying in the comfort of your own gol-dang kitchen. Extra-insulated screenprinted cotton mitts are machine washable. Imported. 12½”. Choose Salad, New Recipe, or Horny.



2. Laboul Wine Bag Dispenser

Just when you thought you’d never find a stylish way to serve boxed wine. This soft rubber-finish sphere neatly tucks a 1.5L or 3L wine bag inside, and even includes a perfectly sized ice pack to chill your favorite beverage. Great for barbecues, buffets and picnics; wipe clean between parties. 8¼” diameter x 9½”H.


3. Funny Prescription Wine Glass

Take 1 to 2 glasses per day, as needed. Refills? Yes, please. Printed 11-oz. wine glass is just what the doctors ordered – Dr. Napa and Dr. Valley. 8″ high. Pair with a bottle (or two) of wine for the perfect gift.



4. Aura Aerating No-Spill Wine Glasses

These cleverly designed glasses allow you to slowly spin and swirl your wine or spirit to help enhance its flavor, without tipping or spilling over. A stainless steel ball in the base creates a precise center of gravity to allow your drink to breathe. Set of two glasses. Holds 16 oz. USA.


5. Dachshund Shaped Cutting Board – Wooden Cheese Platter

Chop veggies, cut cheese on this adorable Dachsie-shaped board, and use it as a fun display platter at parties. Wood. 11½” x 21½”.



6. Twisted Holiday Kitchen Towels

Innuendo-filled and so funny, these flour sack towels are machine washable and will get incredibly soft with use; screenprinted patterns on 100% cotton. Imported. 26″ square with pull-thru hanging loop. Choose Where My Hos At, I Touch My Elf or I Put Out for Santa.


7. Guzzle Buddy Wine Stopper Glass

Who says you can’t drink straight from the bottle? Now, you can just plug in the Guzzle Buddy and sip to your hearts’ content! No refills necessary! A fun party accessory or a gift for your wine loving friend! Made of strong borosilicate glass with a rubber stopper.. Hand wash only.



8.Christmas Tree Wine Stopper

A sculpted ice-bright tree has tiny ornaments painted onto its branches; a vibrant LED light inside color shifts to create the ultimate conversation starter. Resin and plastic with a zinc alloy stopper. 6″.


9. Hunters Delight Open Season Gift Boxes- Taste Of The Wild Summer Sausage

Each bite is an adventure for your taste buds! Taste of the Wild Summer Sausage includes one 4 oz sausage of Bison, Duck, Elk and Wild Boar. Perfect with cheese & crackers or add to your favorite recipe. Lean, minimally processed, hand crafted in small batches, USDA inspected and a good source of protein. Made in Minnesota. Varieties may vary.



10. Artisan DIY Hot Sauce Kit

Everything you need to make 3 bottles of your own distinct flavors of hot sauces. Includes spice pack with Cayenne, Ancho, Curry and New Mexico Chili powders, brown sugar, dried Guajillo, Chipotle and Arbol peppers, apple cider and white vinegar. Plus the bottles, funnel, labels, recipes & instructions to follow!


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